Domplex Logis
rental, washing and management of logistical supports

In line with the Plastidom tradition to invest in beneficial solutions which enhance quality, Domplex Logis was founded with the goal of rationalizing resources. The added environmental value of Domplex products is thus placed at the forefront while design ensures multiple use packaging capable of withstanding repeated handling and transport. 
Domplex Logis - Gestão de Suportes Logísticos, S.A was founded in 2005, serving the productive and logistics sectors in a concept of rental, washing and management of logistical supports (Pool).
The company follows a strategy of ongoing optimisation of its packaging cleaning process with the aim of providing the best possible support for clients. With this objective in mind, Domplex Logis has conducted an in-depth study of food safety and implemented measures which ensure that cleaning forms a vital aspect of the process. It is our aim to provide clients with used packaging at the same level as new packaging - with minimal environmental impact. 
Domplex Logis is located next to Plastidom’s Administrative, Marketing and Logistics services. This enables the common use of these services while also maximizing synergies. 

As a guarantee of our commitments to the wide-ranging community using our services, Domplex Logis also adopts the principles followed by Plastidom, in accordance with the Integrated Management System (standard ISO9001). As a complement, the company has also introduced the Food Safety Management System (HACCP) in compliance with standard ISO22000, based on the specificity of the services provided.

In 2021 Domplex Logis was once again distinguished with the status of PME Líder.

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